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Benefits of Jumping: The Unique Value of Jump Rope Training

Skipping rope is the perfect exercise to improve your physique: it stresses many muscles and is excellent for blood circulation.  This workout is recommended for those who are in good health and want to lose weight and improve muscle strength and endurance. How to jump rope To jump properly it is very important to keep the tummy tense throughout the exercise. The arms must remain motionless and away from the body and only the wrists must contribute to the rotation of the rope, in an effort that involves both the arms and the shoulders. Very important: The advice is not to try to jump too high, especially at the beginning, and look ahead. You can also have fun varying the exercise by...

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2, 3, 4: Wheels!

On 2,3 or 4 wheels, yes but for the abs: PowerAbRoller ™ is among the simplest tools for home fitness but also the one that can give the greatest satisfaction Experts and enthusiasts know it as PowerAbRoller™ but we can call it, more commonly, abdominal wheel. It is a very simple tool to use, not bulky and versatile, with which to better sculpt your body, with a few minutes of exercise per day. Unlike those who have a gym at home, the abdominal wheel leads to concrete results, if used at the right place, spending a few tens of dollars.Given the success achieved in recent years by this home fitness machine, today there are many proposals, from different companies, in the abdominal...

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