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1) ✅How long will I see the results?

After 4 weeks  you can see a visible change in your body, just for only 20 minutes a day.

2) ✅ How many calories does EMS burn?

EMS is the new wave cutting edge technology where you can burn up to 500 calories during a single 20 minute training session.

3) ✅ Does EMS help with cellulite?

MS effectively reduces fat stores from the hips, waist and buttocks and firm the underlying the muscles, making EMS a brilliant 'cellulite buster'.

4) ✅ How Often Can You Use the EMS System

Most manufacturers of EMS machines recommend using the machines on one muscle group at a time, alternating muscle groups every day.

5) Are there any places or conditions when I shouldn't use it?

Do not use on parts above the neck (head, face, etc.) or on areas around the heart, such as the spine, chest or shoulder blades. Furthermore, do not use if you have any heart conditions. Please refer back to the instruction manual, section - Safety Precautions on P.2.

6) What level should I use it at?

Use a weak level when using it for the first time. Once you are used to a weak level, adjust the level as desired.

7) Is it OK to use the product during pregnancy or immediately after childbirth?

No, do not use this product at such times. Women postpartum or who are nursing should consult with their doctor