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PowerPads™ EMS Trainer
PowerPads™ EMS Trainer
PowerPads™ EMS Trainer
PowerPads™ EMS Trainer
PowerPads™ EMS Trainer
PowerPads™ EMS Trainer
PowerPads™ EMS Trainer
PowerPads™ EMS Trainer
PowerPads™ EMS Trainer
PowerPads™ EMS Trainer
PowerPads™ EMS Trainer
PowerPads™ EMS Trainer
PowerPads™ EMS Trainer
PowerPads™ EMS Trainer
PowerPads™ EMS Trainer

PowerPads™ EMS Trainer

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✅Want to feel confident again in your favorite dress?

No matter how hard you train, after each workout, you look in the mirror and you don’t see any results?

➡️ PowerPads™ solves this problem for you, right now!


➡️Imagine if you can obtain the benefits of strength training, muscle-building, and burning fat without spending hours and money at the gym…

All it takes is some 20 MINUTES ONLY sessions, to get incredible results.

Just a fantasy? No, it's reality!

Don't you believe it? Keep reading!


Would you like to watch Netflix, relax, stay with your kids, take a walk, and work out in the meantime?

As busy as you could be, you just need to wear these, for an effective training session!

➡️You can effectively train your booty, biceps, and abs while you're doing virtually anything!

You have nothing to lose, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!


Do you know what the equivalent of a workout with the PowerPads™ is?

Just 20 minutes of EMS equals 0.8 miles of running or 30 minutes of swimming!

➡️To achieve your goals, you will just spend 20 minutes a day for 3 weeks. SCULPT YOUR BODY and BURN FAT!

Read testimonials from real people!


✅Do you know what science says about it?

It's scientifically proven to tighten and develop your muscles… It's the best way to achieve your perfect body!
It uses electrical muscle stimulation to boost muscle movement!

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➡️How do PowerPads™ work on our body?

Normally, our muscles are made to move by signals transmitted by the brain through our nervous system.

EMS, short for Electrical Muscle Stimulation, uses electrical impulses to create an involuntary muscle contraction and get your workout going. No effort needed!

✅ You need to know 87% of athletes seeking a competitive advantage use EMS to build muscle faster. Lots of them!

Because of EMS, you can contract a muscle for much longer than you can normally do.

➡️Enhance your training sessions.


Scared of going to the gym during this dangerous period?

No need! You can get a full-body workout, with guaranteed amazing results, plus you never have to leave your house! It does all the work for you! 

➡️No more worrying about your shape or finding the time to get it done!

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➡️PowerPads™ is clinically demonstrated to deliver firmerstronger, and more toned muscles.

Normal physical activity uses approximately 30% of your muscle fibers leaving 70% dormant and useless.

EMS can effectively target and stimulate these 70% dormant fibers, otherwise completely unused.

What is the secret of PowerPads™ compared to the competitors?

20Hz - The magical frequency that can train muscles effectively. 

➡️Proven by global authorities in sports medicine such as professor Toshio Moritani, a leading authority in the field of sports science, who has been researching and studying the training effects of EMS for over 40 years!

The various EMS devices available in the market are set at a variety of frequencies.

➡️Moritani's studies show that effective training of the muscles is best achieved at a frequency of 20Hz.

➡️Exclusive Protip: 

Top athletes and celebrities such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Usain Bolt, Lindsay Lohanand Ashley Graham are using EMS technology to break their own records and have a perfect body.

Soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo on EMS training: "It’s going to help many people achieve better-toned abs. If you desire to have a fit body like mine, this will help you".  


➡️What happens after purchasing? How can I track my order?


  1. Electronic muscle stimulation: stimulate the hip and gluteal muscles and help to tone, tighten and firm your hips and buttocks to achieve the body that you’ve always wanted;

  2. Exercise anytime: provide endless possibilities in training your booty like in front of the TV, when doing the dishes, or even when cooking;

  3. Smart design: ergonomic pads cover targeted regions in the buttocks to stimulate nerves where they are most concentrated;

  4. Cost-effective: save time and money on expensive gym subscriptions and allow you the convenience of getting amazing results without tiring workouts;

  5. You only need to train for 15-20 minutes/day to get that noticeable improvement in just 3 weeks;

  6. Easy to use push-button operation with 6 modes and 10 intensity levels;

  7. With a push of a button, you can adjust the intensity of the stimulation and go about with your daily activities;

  8. 100% skin-friendly and pain-free.

  • 98.1% of our customers recommend the PowerPads™ EMS Trainer, and we support a risk-free 30-day warranty.

  • Within 24 hours of purchase, you will be notified of the shipment of your package and you will be able to follow the shipping status, with the tracking number.

  • Customer service is available from 02.00 AM to 5 PM (GMT-4) every day.

  • Do you have any questions? Email us or visit the FAQs.



  • Material: PU

  • Power Source: 2 x AAA batteries (not included)

  • Certificate: CE/EMC, ROHS-certified

  • Color: Black & Orange

  • Size: 10"x 7" x 0,5"

Additional replacement gel pads available for sale.

Shipping time:

5/6 weeks for shipping, except for delays. We apologize for the waiting times but, due to the Coronavirus and high demand, they have lengthened. 

*For shipments to Alaska and Hawaii, shipping may take up to 30 days.