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Is your waist trainer just a LITTLE bit too small?

We’ve got a solution for that!

Our extenders are meant to help you get that waist trainer on so that you don’t have to return it for a bigger size.

Our Shes will often size out of their first waist trainer the quickest, which is why it’s better if your waist trainer is a little bit too tight rather than a little bit too big…

it will last you longer!

WHAT? A detachable row of hooks, designed explicitly for PowerShaper™ traditional waist trainers (will not fit other brands).

WHY? For waist trainers that fit slightly too small, this extender will offer the extra inches needed to help you fit comfortably into your trainer.

HOW? Simply attach the side of the extender with hooks to your waist trainer eyes, then attach the opposite side of eyes to your waist trainers hooks.

WASH? Hand wash with lukewarm water. Air dry.