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Once you start using the PowerPads™ EMS Trainer line, chances are you won't want to ever stop.

The results that roll in will be enough for you to trust in just what these toners can do for your body, and continuing to use them in your daily routines is sure to become second nature.

But, the more you use them, the more the unique gel pads begin to wear down, and when that happens, you will need these Replacement Gel Pads.

These pads are a crucial part of any toner, whether it be for the EMS Booty Toner, EMS Abs Toner, or EMS Toning Bands.

The pads are what allows the pulses and signals to move and spread evenly across the different muscles to deliver the best possible results;

if they become weak or worn, you may not be able to use the toners to their best abilities, leaving you feeling as if your results are lacking.

These pads facilitate the muscle-stimulating pulses that do most of the work in the toners, so keeping them in the best shape possible is important.

With the Replacement Gel Pads, you can be sure that your toning tools are always working at their best.


Replacing them every 2 to 3 sessions is recommended if you are using the toners on your own, and if you are sharing it with your partner, it is recommended to replace them every 1 to 2 sessions.


Each pack comes with five pairs, or 10 pieces, of the medical-grade gel pads to keep you well-stocked.

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